Gallery Instructions
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Getting an account...

Basically, there are two methods...

bulletEasy way - This is the better way!  Just send Mr. I an e-mail.  He'll take care of everything, while at the same time ensuring that things are set up right (naming conventions, setting up a photo for you, etc, etc).
bulletHard way - You can click on the "Register" link at the top right of the gallery pages and fill out the form.  Once done, it still ends up with an e-mail being sent to Mr. I. which he then needs to take action on.  Even once he does that, you will need to still fill out more forms to get your part of the gallery going. 

Trust us... the easy way is the easiest way.  :-)

Uploading images...

As much as possible...

bulletKeep the images related to scouting and Troop 14 people/activities
(or I'll delete them)  :-)
bulletOrganize your stuff into albums, making it easier for people to navigate and find the things you've posted.
bulletKeep the images to 1600 pixels or less to help conserve disk space

Step by step...

Here's one way of doing that works well for me (the web master). 
Your mileage may vary, and you're certainly free to use other approaches.
(Don't worry... this is much easier than it may look.)

1) Download and use Picasa!

I can't say enough about this program.  It's completely free, and simple to use.  Click here to get a copy. Once you've gotten it installed and such that you can see the photos on your disk, you're ready to proceed.

2) Select, crop, and tune the photos you want...

Find the photos on your disk and review them.  Pick out the ones you want to have uploaded for everyone to enjoy.  (I'm sure you don't want them all to be uploaded.) It's best to do this on an album by album basis, grouping your stuff into sets of no more than 30 or so shots at the max.

Use Picasa's tools to optimize your images.  If you double click on a photo within Picasa, you'll get a closeup of your image, and will have a set of tools down the left side.  Practice with them and have fun.

I find that I seldom need to use more than the Crop and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons (in that order).  Proper cropping of the images can make all the difference in the world.

3) Export the photos to a folder on your system....

From the main display of Picasa, click on the various photos you plan to upload, using "Control-Click" to make multiple selections.  Once you've indicated the ones you want, hit the "Export" button.

From the control screen that comes up, type in a name for a folder on your system.  This is where your "exported" photos will go on your system.  (The original photos are untouched.)

Set the "Image Size" to be 1600.  This makes a huge savings in disk space, while still delivering a very nice result.

After you hit the "Export" button, a new folder will be created on your system.  Remember where this is for an upcoming step.

4) Create an album in your area on the troop gallery page...

Start by logging in to your account (via the "Login" link in the upper right of the gallery pages).  You will be brought to the top of your personal gallery area.  (The row of text below the Troop 14 banner will always tell you where you are in the system).

Click the Add Album link to create your new album.  If it helps you stay organized, feel free to make albums inside other albums.  For example, you might have an album called "NYC Trip", and inside that have separate albums for "Subway Rides", "Museum Visits", and "Times Square".

A screen will come up that you need to enter some information into.  Just follow the notes in the image to the right.  Hit the "Create" button on the bottom when you're ready.

It will take you to a 2nd screen where you have all sorts of things that can be filled in and diddled around with.  Please don't do anything with the 2nd screen.  Just move along to the next step, where you can upload the photos.

5) Start adding photos...

When you look at your gallery, you should find that it's empty.  Clicking on any of the links that allow you to "Add Items" or "Add Photos" will bring up a window with a wide variety of approaches.

Basically, there are two that work well, and I've highlighted them below.

Adding one by one...

The graphic on the side shows notes on how to upload photos one by one.  Kinda straight forward.

Adding a bunch at a time...

Selecting this option is much faster.  Along the way, you may see some notes about whether or not you trust the application.  Say yes.